Thursday, January 22, 2015

Free Form Ceramic Switch Plates


Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design



 Who said that switch plates always have to be rectangular or square?

These pieces take on the shape that they want and the idea is to have a 2D sculpture on your wall that serves its intended function as well. They are textured and gilded, just as all the other ones that I show on my site. Right now, I`m making them in oversize standard singles, and will work on other sizes later on. Scroll down to see more textured pieces. for more information.

Here`s a couple more that were just finished today (02/11/15). Bring on the textures!!

This one has a metallic terracotta base and is heavily textured and gilded. Then I made aluminum spirals and gold filled wire accents. This one needs to be clicked on for the full effect.

Even a high resolution image doesn`t capture the richness of the details here. The clay base is metallic silver and the gilding has copper, antique bronze, shades of pewter, and black.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Artisan Made Switch Plates

Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design

New Textures for 2014 (new pieces added November and December 2014)

There are new textures for the upcoming year, along with the textures further down on this site. As always, these pieces can be made in any configuration (usually) and in other colors - gilded with an array of metal oxides. Feel free to contact me by email for orders and more information

***All materials used come from within the United States.

"Cross Country" Very shimmery teals, aqua, and periwinkle.

"Meadows" Gorgeous texture and oxide rich over size switch plate.
"Meadows" made in brown, loaded with metal oxides.
These are the more usual configurations,  but customized pieces not shown here are also available.

"Magic Carpet" - this very intricate piece evokes a feeling of something from another time, from a far away place, very long ago.  This piece will definitely add a touch of "magic" to any space. (added 7/08/14)

This "Mandala Medley" is chock full of metalics that highlight the texture. (added 2/12/15)
"Mandala Medley" has a wide 
range of colors, from light teal
to deep azure. (added 2/12/15)

(Added 9/21/14)   "Rock Garden" This free form slab is about 7" long and I used several texturing methods for a dramatic effect. I also did some layering and blending of the oxides. It`s almost too good to be a switch plate!!

And here is "Focus" with a silver clay base gilded with cobalt.

(Added 9/21/14)  "Retro Rectangles" combines layers of textures and subtle shading of a mixture of metal oxides. Very sharp looking for those who like a neutral or contemporary look.

Always one of my favorites is to make the "Texture Collage" pieces. You can see the gilding above the surface and below it as well, creating a look of layering.

"Cairo" This texture has the feel of something ancient,  but with a modern twist.

"Poppies"! This piece has more colors than you might think. It has metallic olive, teal, indigo, powder blue, azure, and periwinkle. I do this one in the bronze/copper combo too.

"Deco Sphere" an uber-cool texture for a switch plate. This one also has the silver clay base gilded with carbon.

"Cross Country" gilded with just about all the metal oxides I work with and some newly created ones too. This beauty was kept here.

"Deco Sphere" done with a dark brown base gilded with antique bronze, copper (of course), brass, and titanium.

"Deco Sphere" in the silver base, gilded with carbon. The black/silver combo in this texture is the most striking.

                     "Ancient Images" would grace any wall and exceeds its mere functionality. 

"Melange" is another eye bending texture combining silver clay and deep cobalt. Wake up those walls!

"Leaves of Nature" with its universal theme, is the most requested texture that I do. I think of it as a wall garden.

               Silver Oxide Pieces

 There is something so striking about the contrast of silver oxide gilded over textured black slabs. Not only is there the sharpest contrast between the two, but the silver has a soft shimmery quality to it. These pieces needed their own section.

"Leaves of Natures" with inked-to-blend screws

"Multi Swirls"

"Ancient Images"

"Wide Paisley"

"Jambalaya" and "Deco Sphere"

Uber cool "Texture Collage" in Combo #3. This was a custom piece.

  *******Combo Switch Plates*******

"Deco Sphere" done in a striking silver/black contrast. You can see the ones above in other oxide and base combinations.

                                      "Cross Country" so lovely, bold, and colorful.

"Braids" this deeply etched texture is gilded with mostly copper and bronze oxides and would go great against any earth tone colored wall.

"Mandala Filigree" is always going to be one of my favorites. It has a timeless appeal, while creating a richly textured piece and a beautiful contrast of blues and teals.

 "Texture Collage" is this color and oxide combination is the 2nd most requested texture that people ask for. I view these as 2D wall sculptures and an "artified" addition to any area.

"Ancient Images" done in the silver/black combo adds more zing to the overall look of the piece.

"Leaves of Nature", another functional wall garden bringing joy to the walls.

 "Deco Sphere" - just beautiful to look at and a thousand percent nicer than the generic white switch plates, for sure!

Plug it in!

Look how striking "Wood Grain" is in black gilded with silver oxide!

***** Appliances work better and gismos charge faster when your outlets feel important and special. These can all be made with other colors and oxides and as single standard switch plates. (added 12/23/14)*****

A huge leap away from the plain white ones.
You will have 4 happy plugged in gismos in this "Textured Collage" piece.



"Wood Grain"


 "Jambalaya" gilded one area at a time with new colors. This piece is available in outlets, single standards, double standards, single Decoras, and double Decoras.