Saturday, November 30, 2013

Artisan Made Switch Plates

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New Textures for 2014

There are new textures for the upcoming year, along with the textures further down on this site. As always, these pieces can be made in any configuration (usually) and in other colors - gilded with an array of metal oxides. Feel free to contact me by email for orders and more information

***All materials used come from within the United States.

"Cross Country" Very shimmery teals, aqua, and periwinkle.
"Meadows" Gorgeous texture and oxide rich over size switch plate.
"Meadows" made in brown, loaded with metal oxides.
These are the more usual configurations,  but customized pieces not shown here are also available.
"Cross Country" in browns, copper, brass, bronze, and titanium oxides.

"Focus" (above) in a mahogany base with bronze and copper oxides
"Focus" with silver and cobalt.

"Landscapes" This can be placed upside down and still look beautiful.

"Deco Sphere" This texture would certainly "artify" any wall space and bring joy each time you turn on the light.

Here is "Deco Sphere" with mixed oxides over a brown base. What difference between the two! 

"Texture Collage" amplified and bolder color and oxide combinations. Just lovely!

"Strands" as in strands of jewels, only these are made of gilded textures. Oh, so pretty!

"Ancient Images" - with a contemporary twist. This combination is with silver and jet. 

Nothing drab or generic about this "Ancient Images" color combination!  

Poppies" So much to see in this piece; texture, color, and intense shimmer which ranges from teal to deep indigo. 

"Poppies" Same texture as the one above, but what a difference it makes to do them in different color bases and oxide gilding. 

"Melange" - another eye popping texture to provide an updated look. Done in silver clay with cobalt blue. 

"Ribbons" - a lovely new texture with a mahogany base and the copper/bronze oxide gilding. This is a single Decora/GFCI/Rocker. Oh how your walls will thank you!

People everywhere love nature, so I thought I would share one of the most requested textures in the last 2 years. More people asked for the browns with copper and bronze, but the blues and teals were also very much in demand.

"Leaves of Nature"



Transform the mundane with lovely artisan made ceramic switch plates.


"Deco Sphere" gilded with silver oxide.

"Cross Country" shimmers from spring green to deep blue.

This "Braided" combo plate will add depth to any area. It`s got the "wow' factor!

"Ancient Images" coordinates nicely in rooms with a contemporary look.

"Filigree Mandala" has a classic look. This piece shimmers turquoise and teal.

"Leaves of Nature" is a people`s choice design, so I make this in just about every configuration.

Another "Deco Sphere" done in a switch/Decora combo. This piece really pops!

My personal favorite to make are the "Texture Collages". Click on the image to view it full screen.

*****Please scroll down to (and click on) "Older Posts" at the bottom of this page to see even more textures.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Textured Ceramic Cabinet/Drawer Pulls

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These coordinate very nicely with the textured ceramic switch plate covers that you can see by scrolling down to other posts.

Who is tired of those plain cabinet knobs that are sold in just about every hardware store chain? Beautiful knobs and pulls for your cabinets are the perfect finishing touch and can change the look of your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or bathroom. They are nice on bi-fold closet doors too. These measure about an inch and a half in diameter - give or take. *** Mix and match textures for a more interesting look. Other textures are in the works and will be posted.

As always, all materials come from within the United States. For more information or to order, send an email to:

Click on any image to enlarge. 
Richly textured filigree
Wow! These "Curly Swirls" will stand out no matter where they are placed.
These 2 are actually part of the same series and vary from piece to piece. "Scenic"
"Random Spirals"

Sunflowers available in copper/bronze, indigo/teal, and silver/black

Here is "Scenic" in indigo and teal/aqua

Dramatic Silver/Black Color Combo

From left to right: Fleur de Lis, Textured Filigree, and "Antiquity"

From the "Scenic" series.   This one really has the "wow" factor up close.

"Cherry Trees" and triple metallic "Twirling About".  Can`t you just visualize how any of these would add eye appeal to your cabinets? I did a mix & match of textures (in the same color combo) in my kitchen and I just love it!

"Laughter"  - this was one of the most requested pieces of the year and can also be made in the black/silver combo.

Click on this image to see the burst of colors!

And here is a Decora/Switch combo done with fabulous textures and gilded with a mixture of oxides like copper, titanium, bronze, and brass. Scroll down to the next post to see the sizing chart and more textured ceramic switch plate covers. 

View my work in progress at  then please click on the "like" button which qualifies you for free shipping on any order.


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Stunning Textured Switch Plate Covers

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Beautiful new textures for 2013 
These are my latest textured and hand gilded ceramic switch plate covers. Get rid of those sad, plain plates, and do your walls a favor. The smallest touches can make a big difference to the look of any room. Please request your size and color requirements to

Click on any of the images to see more detail.

Wide paisley texture with bronze and copper. Now look at it in blue...

Royal blue with indigo and teal oxides

"Elm Grove"  - deeply etched stamping gilded with 4 different oxides
"Sea Creatures" - this piece shimmers from green all the way to deep blue. The surface has a slight wave that mimics water.

Here is "Sea Creatures" done in bronze, titanium, copper, and brass oxides.
Choose the configuration that you need, then your color preferences, and then scroll through the posts on this site to find the texture(s) you like. It`s that easy. Your art plate will be made just for you!  

Tons of texture work done on this one. Silver oxide was gilded over the textured surface. It goes beyond its function and is really more a piece of art that can stand alone.

"Texture Collage" This oversize plate ( 5 inches long by 3.5" wide) is available in any texture or color combo shown on this site.

This textured collage shimmers between deep teal all the way to turquoise and indigo. The design is called "Loving the Blues".
"Double Burst" with titanium oxides (the silvery green), copper, brass, and bronze. This one really pops!

********Mini Lutron/Decora Gallery: (added 11/9/13)********

Since there have been so many requests for the Lutron/GCFI switch plates, Geometals/Metro Decor has been hard at work to make sure these are richly textured too.
"Pebbles" a fun texture

"Random Spirals" with silver oxide
"Fleur de Lis" with vivid teal and azure
"Random Spirals" in shades of aqua, teal, and deep blue
"Braided" gilded with deep bronze and copper oxides

"Texture Collage" This triple Lutron piece has a medley of rich textures and oxides. Available in any size. 

"Sunburst"  - lovely in any room and can be done in other colors.
"Fiddle Head Fern" with lots of layers of mixed oxides.

"Ancient Tiles" with titanium, copper, and bronze oxides.

"Braided" in black/silver. This piece has a striking contrast. Bye bye, plastic and generic plate covers!

"Ancient Tiles" in the black/silver combo

Bold textures and oxides went into this textured collage.

Gorgeous turquoise and aqua shimmer in this stamped filigree mandala piece.

"Multi Swirls" - There`s gilding above and below the surface creating wonderful depth and contrasts.

"Strands" gilded with many original oxide colors.

"Strands" gilded with just enough silver oxides to highlight the texture.

"Strands" loaded with metallics and rich texture. A giant leap away from the generic plastic plates!

"Deco Sphere" created to artify the mundane.

"Deco Sphere" gilded with copper, bronze, titanium, silver, and bronze oxides.

"Leaves of Nature" done in a quad. This is a medley of vines, leaves, and a few blossoms. Available in other colors.

*****PLEASE CLICK ON "OLDER POSTS" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO SEE MORE WORK.***** View my work in progress and then please click "like" on the page.
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