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Free Form Ceramic Switch Plates"


Eve Greiner on Houzz
Eve Greiner on Houzz
Eve Greiner in Auburn, GA on Houzz

Eve Greiner in Auburn, GA on Houzz

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I`m still here to answer any questions you might have. Art still goes on!

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Eve Greiner in Blue Bell, PA on Houzz
Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design

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Remodeling and Home Design

***Because I make every piece by hand, using extemely time and labor-intensive methods, my blog page is kind of low tech and not set up for e-commerce. So, the best way to order is to 1st view the sizing chart to determine which configurations you need. Then, select the metallics for your decor (copper/bronze, silver/pewter, or peacock). Finally, look at the many textures on my site. I'm happy to guide you through the process of combining those 3 things and putting together a lovely "texture gallery" for your home. Contact me at:

!!!!***[[[Due to the recent scarcity of some raw materials, custom orders (items not usually made for my inventory) will have a small surcharge]]]***!!!!

<Custom orders require a small deposit to cover some of the material costs. That amount will be deducted from the final invoice.> 

Who said that switch plates always have to be rectangular or square?

These pieces take on the shape that they want and the idea is to have a 2D sculpture on your wall that serves its intended function as well. They are textured and gilded, just as all the other ones that I show on my site. Right now, I`m making them in oversize standard singles, and will work on other sizes later on. Scroll down to see more textured switch plates in many configurations. To place an order or for more information, send me an email to:  I`ll be happy to assist you.

Here`s a couple more that were recently finished. Bring on the textures!!

This one has a metallic terracotta base and is heavily textured and gilded. Then I made aluminum spirals and gold filled wire accents. This one needs to be clicked on for the full effect.

Even a high resolution image doesn`t capture the richness of the details here. The clay base is metallic silver and the gilding has copper, antique bronze, shades of pewter, and black. 

These free form 2D sculptural switch plates always come out different, and I let the clay decide its own shape. This piece had some great little nooks to work with which were gilded with silver, titanium, burnt copper, antique bronze, and brass oxides.


Many people at shows try to explain which type of switch plate they have, and it can get confusing. <<📷>> Photos and/or illustrations help a lot since there are so many different types of configurations. 

🙂😉😊 And as you can see, some traditional outlets have been repurposed as toggle switches in order to save wall space. ***** So, if you are looking to see my work at a show, first take pictures with your phone of the wall plates in your home that you would like to "artify". Then when you see my pieces, you`ll know exactly which ones to select. 👍👐

Fall/Winter 2022

These 4 new pieces are done with mostly the silver oxide with just enough of a whisper of burnt copper and bronze to really make the texture so vibrant. *****All except for the Sunflower are only made as single standards.

Mardi Gras (left) and Celebration (right)

Lotus Fountain (left) and Sunflower (right)

I now make phone jack  covers (plates to cover the space where phones jacks used to be) as well as very hard to find to find configurations.

"Double Burst"

Yes, I make cabinet knobs too!! What a lovely way to add a touch of beauty to your cabinet doors and drawers. These also look nice on a bathroom vanity.

Below is a custom order for someone who wanted an array of designs that were either mandalas or were circular in some way. They are for a dresser, a night stand, and a bureau. These were all done in the silver oxide with some pewter. Click on the photo to see the detail work really pop!

Another custom cabinet knob order (below). Dynamic mandala designs were selected. These will be used for a piece of furniture.

Below is also another order for cabinet knobs to be installed on kitchen cabinets and drawers. Cheerful sunflowers made with copper and bronze metallics, with some rich patinas used to add some extra zing!

I made these lovely knobs for a home office that had an oak desk and cabinets. The design is called "Lillian" and I used bright bronze, antique copper, and oxidized patinas for the 4 narrow diamond shapes. 


New Spring/Summer Textures:


"Antique Damask" captures the elegance of old time New Orleans when attention to detail could be seen both on the outside and in the inside of people`s homes. Click on the photo to enlarge the image and fall in love💘! This rich texture was gilded in all the antique metallics: copper, bronze, brass, silver, and a couple of patinas. ***I make these in standards only: doubles, triples, quads, and some combo switch plates.

Here`s the glorious shimmer that can`t be captured with a still photo. Click the arrow below to play the short clip. Yes, this is how the bright silver looks in the light (WOW!!):


"French Quarter" - just look at the design and think of so many ornate and scrolled gates in the historic section of New Orleans. Attention to detail wasn`t spared for this graceful design. ** I make these in double standards only - in any of the metallics.

"Sunflower" This delightful design is also a mandala with the inside of the flower as the center point. Sunflowers remind us of long summer days, blossoms everywhere, and ice cream for dinner! *** I make these in standard sizes: singles through quads - in all of the different metallic combinations. (Sorry, GFCI`s don`t have the needed surface area.

Just look at the "Sunflower" in the deep blues and greens with copper and bronze accents added!

"Sheba" This eye popping, richly textured piece is gilded with a generous array of colors
ranging from metallic olive to turquoise and deep azure. Available in doubles, triples, 
and quads.

See the triple blue switch plate image above? Now view how these peacock colors will shimmer for you in your home. Click on the arrow below to play the short but delightful clip:


💚💚💚 To all the arborists, botanists, and all around lovers of nature - I made these for you! They are a bit oversized (and will nicely cover up any wall boo boos) and are free form. Right now, I only make "Silver Leaves" in the single and double standards. Click on each image to see how texture rich these are. 💚💚💚

"Blooming Roses" is another texture in the antique series (Damask is the other one for now). These roses will remain lovely no matter what time of year it is. Shown here in the blues and greens - I also make this piece in antique silver or the copper/bronze metallics. ***Available in double or triple standard switch plates as well as some combination plates.

"Topiary" For most people, Spring can`t arrive too soon! So to drive away the winter blues, let these leaves surround you (and serve to artify your switch plate areas). I make these in the pewter/silver and the peacock blue metallics. *** These can be made in the standard sizes singles through quints AND the GFCI`s in these sizes. All combination light switches are also doable.

Continuing the antique series, is another design called "Love Song". It just looks like a melody on sheet music. It`s shown here in the peacock colors with some bronze undertones. ***I make this one in the standard sizes: singles, doubles, triples, quads, and some combos. Of course it is also made in the antique silver (gorgeous!!), and copper/bronze metallics.

Oh, sweet "Rosebuds" that are constantly blooming for you! Also part of the antique series and made in all my metallic combinations. ***This design is made in outlets, single standards, double standards, some combos (like this one), and some GFCI pieces. 

Such a delicate and delicious texture!! This one is called "Petite Paisley" and is shown here in the blues, but made in any of the metallics. ***I make this design in outlets, single standards, doubles, and some combos. I have yet to see how it works with the GFCI configurations, but I will try it.

"Gemstones"How nice it is to have the option to add a touch of elegance to something usually so drab. I see round rubies, diamonds, smokey quartz, and topaz. You`ll see luscious metallic shimmers and a pleasing symmetry that is lovingly handcrafted. I make these in the silver/pewter and the peacock metallic combinations. *** Available in standard sizes (all combo plates) from singles through quints.

"Wassily (Kandinsky)" is a tribute design to this artist`s vast body of work. I`ve always admired his designs, use of shapes, lines, and whimsy. This switch plate (now installed in my house) definitely makes a gorgeous statement) and is gilded in silver oxide. ***I can make this in just about any configuration and in any of the metallic combinations. 

!!! Look what a difference using different metallics makes on a design! I don`t usually post 2 of the same design next to each other, but in this case - the colors and contrasts really make the textures pop.

This piece "Ocean Waves" attempts to capture the moment right when a couple of waves are cresting and just about to curl and crash back onto the surface of the water. I could stare at the waves all day - that`s the origin of this texture. *** I make these in standards only, sizes singles, doubles, and triples. Also available in the other mettalics.

"Melange" a mingling of so many textures, you`ll see something different each time you view it. With so many nooks, this piece has a lot of metal oxide gilding to highlight the rich textures. Available in standard sizes: doubles, triples, quads, and phone jack covers. (click on the image to see more texture detail)

"Chrysanthemum". Oh how we wait with eagerness to see all the blossoms of spring. ***This design (available in singles and doubles - standards or gfci & in either the copper/bronze or silver metallics) will always be blooming for you on your wall!

Everyone is enamored with the "Rita`s Garden" design, ***so I`ve been making some of the other configurations in different metallics. Here is a quad that I someone ordered.


"Tonga" This piece combines an intriguing texture and multiple layers of silver oxide. This piece will look lovely near any artwork or fixtures that have either black or stainless nearby.


  "Lotus Garden" - is an intricate and elegant texture meant to instill a sense of calm while spending time in nature. ****I make this texture in standard sizes only (sorry, not available in outlets), and also in the silver and copper/bronze metallics.



"Tonga" (in reverse) This piece was an enigma from the start. I mixed some new oxides and came out with some unlikely colors that just worked very well together. There`s a lot of depth and richness to this piece. It`s nicer than the photograph - all of them are!


"River Bed" depicts not only the sediments that fall through the water and rest on the river bed, but also the subtle movement of the water itself. ***Made in standard sizes: outlets, singles, doubles, triples, and combos, as well as GFCI pieces singles, doubles, & triples.





Look at "Sheba" gilded with antique copper, brass, and bronze oxides! This stunning piece will bring out shapes and designs in your rugs, wall art, curtains, or just gracing your walls by itself.

"Alexandria" is a bold and stunning new design that conveys a timeless Egyptian feel. It has striking contrasts and depth. The silver is a neutral color that will tie in with any decor. *** Made in standards only doubles, triples, and certain combos.

"The Muse" - another richly textured piece that goes beyond its functionality! So many swirls, circles, lines, and turns.... You decide which end you want as the top on your wall. ***I do this one in silver and blue/teal and in sizes single through triple in both standard and the GFCI`s.

"Waterfall" has a deep flowing texture and is gilded in teal, aqua, turquoise, and indigo. I can make this piece in triples, quads, and combos - as well as in other colors.


"Fauna" with its rich texture and colors, this piece will have you staring at it for countless minutes and every time you pass it by. *****Made only in in triple standards.*****

"Fauna" with some of people`s choice colors: aqua, teal indigo, azure, celadon, olive, and turquoise.

What happens when you take an intricate design such as the "Fauna", texture a black slab, and then gingerly gild the texture with antique silver oxide? You get a piece that has the luster of a shimmering pearl and a switch plate that is lovely to behold!

"Ginkgo Garden" is a flutter of lovely ginkgo leaves gilded with antique metal oxides. This multi-directional texture is made in the standard doubles or a phone jack cover. *****Because of the particular symmetry of this texture, these are the only 2 configurations I can make.***** I can make a Leaves of Nature piece with smaller ginkgo leaves mixed in with the other foliage.

"Melange" (tribute to Kandinsky) now made only in the silver + antique silver oxide. This is a most intricate texture that I carved and stamped, truly a texture tile that also turns the lights on. It`s an attention grabber! (Yes, there is a whisper of turquoise mixed in.) Click on the image to better view the delicious texture work.

It`s official, I`m a verified "texture-holic"! I love creating textures and combining them. The piece below was a custom order and another opportunity to make a Texture Collage. Click on the image to see the detail work  (It`ll fill up your screen or turn your phone/tablet sideways). 😮


"Rita`s Garden" has leaves of all sorts with many blossoms throughout this design. This texture is for nature lovers! ***I make this in standard sizes singles through quads and in all the metallics.

A customer sent me this photo of my "Leaves of Nature" switch plates installed in her already "artified" home. Now imagine if the switch plates used were those plain white ones.... big difference! Click to see a more detailed view.



"Mandala Morning" This deeply etched texture has a rich contrast between the black slab and the intricate texture. Multiple layers of silver oxide were gilded over the surface the get this effect.


Vibrant Blues and Greens!

Tell me, do these rich tones of turquoise, greens, and lavender remind you of summer in full swing? This is another version of my very textural Linear Collage design that just pops! The copper/bronze version is just a few images further down the page.  ***This was a custom piece.

Do I crave and love texture? Yes, I definitely do! Any configuration is an opportunity to create delicious texture combinations, such as this double receptacle (4 plug outlet). Which switch plates in your home need texturizing?


"Mandala Morning 2" - everyone who is familiar with my work knows that I have a passion for the symmetry and shapes of mandalas. This design has a whole slew of intricate as well as simple mandalas, sure to grace any wall where it is placed! I make this texture in standard sizes - singles through quads and in all the metallics. 


Texture, texture, and then more texture! This is a linear Texture Collage with enough nooks so that it could be gilded with a full array of metal oxides. This one can stand alone on a bare wall as a decorative statement. ***Made in standards only as a triple or a quad.

"Celebration" has so many free form geometric shapes and lines that it must be viewed from edge to edge in order to take in all the textures. The silver gilding over the black base makes this texture even more vibrant. Perfect for an entry way (available in triples and doubles) or for a long hallway.

"Joyous" is a jovial medley of textures that seem to wander throughout this piece. Colors range from metallic olive to the deepest azures and shimmer when light hits it. 

"Strolling Along" - what else could this one be called? This lovely diagonal texture is heavily gilded with copper and bronze oxides that play off one another. The image is reversible, so either end can be the top of the piece.

"The Giving Tree" has lots of bold lines, its theme is universal, and it is gilded with multiple layers of antique silver oxide. I make these in the standard quads only and in the copper/bronze & teal/indigo combinations. Simply gorgeous!!

Now look at "The Giving Tree" in the deep blues, turquoise and teals with added copper and bronze accents! Now get rid of that plain white plate already!!

"Bouquet" has so many metal oxides overlapped and combined. I used copper, burnt copper, antique copper, bronze, antique bronze, brass, and antique brass. The matt texture makes the colors even more vibrant. The picture doesn`t begin to capture the beauty of this piece! I make these in double and single standard sizes and in the copper/bronze combination too.

"Journeys" has a multi-layered and wandering texture across the surface of the piece. Metal oxides were mixed and blended to get a sort of drifting effect. ***Made in quads and triple standards.

Here are a couple of quints, both were custom orders. Click on each image in order to see all the detail.

This is a version of Linear Collage made for a talented weaver/instructor for her work space.

And here is a quint Leaves of Nature with an abundance of foliage and blossoms. Click on the photo to see it all, it`s like being in the middle of a plush forest!

FYI: Oversized and jumbo switch plate pieces are available, perfect for covering up paint marks and wall boo boos. They are generally 3/4" wider and longer than the standard sized switch plates.


### Oh, I really have the blues... which is okay, because I also have the greens, aquas, and teals too! Here`s what I mean by that:

"Flying Mandala". This texture is deeply etched and vivid.

 To the right is "Fountain" shimmering with metallic olive, turquoise, teal, and deep indigo.


 To the left is "Butterfly", another bold texture visible from quite a distance.




And this next one is called "Wanderings" with a jovial array of shapes and tones. All of these textures can be made in the other color combinations displayed on my site.


And adding pizazz to an otherwise drab space, this is another new piece called "Fanfare"

Here are some new designs, inspired by nature - shown gilded with silver oxide (available in other colors & standard configurations)

"April" with all the new foliage and blossoms that follow the rains. Made in Standard sizes: singles, doubles, triples, and quads. Also made in copper/bronze, and teal/azure combinations.



"May" when everything, everywhere is in full bloom. Oh, how we love that time of year! Also available in multiple standard sizes and color combinations.

"June" when nature is in all its splendor and on full display. Mix and match any of these textures.

"Donegal" is a Celtic inspired design that is visually captivating. ***Made in the double standard size only and is also made in the copper/bronze and teal/turquoise colors.

"Lorkin" is another Celtic design with lots of interwoven links and shapes. This one was gilded with burnt copper, bronze, antique brass, and a whisper of silver. I make these in standards and in the other metallics as well. *** Available in standard singles, doubles, and triples (and combo plates #1/2 & #3/4 - see sizing chart).

Whoa!! Look at "June" when it`s gilded with oodles of oxides - just bursting with vibrancy! ***I make this texture in single, double, and triple standards, and some combo switch plates.

"Summertime" The time of year we all look forward to! Just look at the deep azure, teal, olive, and aqua metallic tones in this piece. ***I make this texture in all configurations and in silver as well as the copper/brass/bronze metallics.

"Magnolia" Inspired by the many botanical gardens I visited - this piece had to be made. Since it`s also a mandala with the center of the texture as the focal point, for now, ***I only make these in double standards, but in all the metallics.

This piece is called "Rock Garden" and is textured in a most unusual way. I used a mini jeweler`s chasing hammer to get the many dimples on the surface which enhance the shimmer effect of the oxides. ***** Because of the symmetry of this design, it`s only made in the double standard configuration. *****


More cabinet knobs showing designs made using different metallics. Nothing generic to see here...

Here are just some of the current designs:

Filigree Mandala
My favorites: Lily, River Bed, and Tapestry

Sun Rays, Fleur de Lis, and Cherry Tree


Random Spirals and Marquise (center)

Curly Swirls

Focal Point and Turnings


These tie in very nicely with the switch plates or just on their own. 

Here are some beauties that didn`t make it into the group shot. The cabinet knobs above are called "Lily" and they add such a lovely finishing touch to any set of cabinets or drawers.  The one below is called "Tapestry" and would compliment any darker wood color.


Here is the sizing chart again....


The chart below has many more switch plate sizes, in case you don`t find the ones you have in the above illustration. Please click on the image for easier viewing.

******* New Decora Gallery 

A never ending parade of textures to grace your walls! Many of these textures can be done as a single, triple, or a quad Decora - please inquire.

This is the "June" texture gilded with multiple layers of silver oxide. Lovely no matter which end is place as the top.

(Above) This new design is called "July" and is quite a vivid texture that can be clearly seen from a distance. I make this design in all the configurations and in the silver as well as the copper/bronze metallics.

"Summertime" is a deeply textured design full of swirling shapes and lovely scalloped edges. Shown as a triple GFCI. I make this design in singles, doubles, and triples in both the standards and the GFCI Decoras.

Oh, the textures are getting richer all the time! This piece called "Melange" (inspired by Kandinsky), has a most intricate design. I used silver and antique silver oxides. Click to enlarge the detail work. Available in double & triple GFCI and certain combination switch plates.

"Ocean Waves" this bold texture conveys a swirling motion.

"Muse" has whimsical swirls and bold lines. This was a custom piece made with silver oxide. Notice how nice it looks with the black electrical insert instead of the usual beige or white. The next post tells you about a quick tip to transform the switches themselves.

                     "Edges" is an intricate texture gilded with mostly copper and bronze.

Yes, I make these also.... Wonky combinations aren`t a challenge!!

"Star Gazing" This bold and deeply etched texture adds just the right finishing touch to your well thought out decor.


A gorgeous "Texture Collage" combination GFCI switch plate. This piece was made using silver clay (custom order) heavily gilded with copper, bronze, brass, and silver oxides. It would definitely be a conversation piece in your home.

 Wow, this is a 6 toggle GFCI that I made in the "Texture Collage" design. It was a custom order and the people were thrilled to receive this piece. There`s so much going on here. Do click on the photo to enlarge it.

And here is a "Texture Collage" made as a GFCI/switch combo. These never come out the same way twice!

"3 Wishes" anytime - on your wall! This design has so many snippets of different textures throughout the piece. Shown as a triple GFCI. I also make these in all configurations & in other oxides such as the silver (over black) and the blue/teal colors.

"River Bed" - another intricate and detailed texture with a lot to see. Click to enlarge.

"River Bed" with antique copper & bronze oxides. This is one of my new favorites!

           "Wood Grain" This subtle texture would tie in with just about any decor.

     "Edges" in a gorgeous color combo of teal and turquoise. Plenty of the "wow factor" here.

     "Rubies" with its array of texture and depth, cause the mundane to be "artified".

                                         "Lace" in teal, emerald, turquoise, and indigo.

"Cityscape" is a richly textured piece with so many intricacies. With all these nooks, I did a multi layering of all the oxides (click to see the detail). Shown as a triple GFCI. I make this design in all configurations and in all the oxide colors shown on this page.

          "Ocean Waves" gilded with many different oxides. Click to see more detail.

             "Sea Creatures" - so many people have asked for this  texture in the Decoras, so they are now available.


      "Leaves of Nature" is a medley of foliage, petals, and leaves.


                                          "Leaves of Nature" in the green/blue oxides.

 See the other Decora Gallery on my site further down this post, or simply click on the shortcut link below. The gallery is about half way down.


Switch plate "musts" on the next page...


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