Friday, January 18, 2013

Stunning Textured Switch Plate Covers

Remodeling and Home Design

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Remodeling and Home Design

Beautiful new textures for 2013 
These are my latest textured and hand gilded ceramic switch plate covers. Get rid of those sad, plain plates, and do your walls a favor. The smallest touches can make a big difference to the look of any room. Please request your size and color requirements to

Click on any of the images to see more detail.

Wide paisley texture with bronze and copper. Now look at it in blue...

Royal blue with indigo and teal oxides

"Elm Grove"  - deeply etched stamping gilded with 4 different oxides
"Sea Creatures" - this piece shimmers from green all the way to deep blue. The surface has a slight wave that mimics water.

Here is "Sea Creatures" done in bronze, titanium, copper, and brass oxides.
Choose the configuration that you need, then your color preferences, and then scroll through the posts on this site to find the texture(s) you like. It`s that easy. Your art plate will be made just for you!  

Tons of texture work done on this one. Silver oxide was gilded over the textured surface. It goes beyond its function and is really more a piece of art that can stand alone.

"Texture Collage" This oversize plate ( 5 inches long by 3.5" wide) is available in any texture or color combo shown on this site.

This textured collage shimmers between deep teal all the way to turquoise and indigo. The design is called "Loving the Blues".
"Double Burst" with titanium oxides (the silvery green), copper, brass, and bronze. This one really pops!

********Mini Lutron/Decora Gallery: (added 11/9/13)********

Since there have been so many requests for the Lutron/GCFI switch plates, Geometals/Metro Decor has been hard at work to make sure these are richly textured too.
"Pebbles" a fun texture

"Random Spirals" with silver oxide
"Fleur de Lis" with vivid teal and azure
"Random Spirals" in shades of aqua, teal, and deep blue
"Braided" gilded with deep bronze and copper oxides

"Texture Collage" This triple Lutron piece has a medley of rich textures and oxides. Available in any size. 

"Sunburst"  - lovely in any room and can be done in other colors.
"Fiddle Head Fern" with lots of layers of mixed oxides.

"Ancient Tiles" with titanium, copper, and bronze oxides.

"Braided" in black/silver. This piece has a striking contrast. Bye bye, plastic and generic plate covers!

"Ancient Tiles" in the black/silver combo

Bold textures and oxides went into this textured collage.

Gorgeous turquoise and aqua shimmer in this stamped filigree mandala piece.

"Multi Swirls" - There`s gilding above and below the surface creating wonderful depth and contrasts.

"Strands" gilded with many original oxide colors.

"Strands" gilded with just enough silver oxides to highlight the texture.

"Strands" loaded with metallics and rich texture. A giant leap away from the generic plastic plates!

"Deco Sphere" created to artify the mundane.

"Deco Sphere" gilded with copper, bronze, titanium, silver, and bronze oxides.

"Leaves of Nature" done in a quad. This is a medley of vines, leaves, and a few blossoms. Available in other colors.



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